these rueful days have cherry-blosom cloud ends

so if we break the fibers to make them stronger

we can scale lunar dunes and

puddles alike

emerald pads guard the surface

rummaging through the needles

a pickled cactus pear watches conspicuously

and eyes hang on elephant ear leaves

dew between toes in a dark thicket

shadowed stalks pass judgment

runnin backwards and falling forwards

the grass tips caress one another and whisper

ignore the reflection right now, imagine deeper

willow herbs wade in handsome shade

and lead the way to mountain passes

which pity all life with furrowed brows

the wave slaps the shore

how has it been? it hasn’t seen it in how long?

…and such

but trade a thousand springs in a thousand meads

for reciprocal complication

and the right note flavoring the air



One Plus One

tempted eyes bait silken desire to groomed webs

whilst secret smiles steal across pure lips red

and lovers roll in noontime bed

invitations carved in starry hearts

watch the steady flights of hungry darts

Soft melodies lull, full of lush tempers

a rainbow rises mid-storm, greeting the travelers

finding peaches piled up high

dreams linger o’er ashen limbs nigh

gentle brushes on a glowing ember

lazy requests, looks tender

time’s restless ghost wonders

honest hearts measure quick blood

how many layers down will we recognize

and yield to the fire without smoke

who’s smoldering smooth as twilit rivers

where rich comforts beg ecstatic shivers


Boulder Falls

Hoary Gaze

No predator/prey where petals play

Suspended lofty breezes

We dance among the treetops

Time stops to recollect itself


Bitter flame drinks ancient air

The last drop vexes my descended stare

Sweet peace murmured by yawning babes

Cool whispers from remembered mouths of forgotten caves


Mercy waves to the person behind you

Wrinkled brow of ruby hue

Heaving to a fated rest

Troubled narrative won’t get the best


Blissful chance did intervene

And rend our still souls from motives mean

By welcome grace let all be seen

Not by selves but hum and swing


Wondered at and tested true

Let charmed blessings haunt you



Endless nights…Too short

A different kind of chase ensues

Can’t stop the rain

Warmth enough to share

Mined deep within


I forgot what green meant

To you

Only a tickled fantasy?

Will there be time

To grow this right


You can fall but be Graceful

The Forgotten stirs

Too our surprised delight

We’ll let things be themselves


Permission to breathe

Scattered wonder collected

In the dam

 You help me take it all in


I don’t know how but

It’s okay

It always was

My favorite thing


Half-hidden pearls

What can I do

Your eyes fix me

To my surroundings


A painted man in a painted place

It’s only fair

Doesn’t matter if they don’t see it

We feel it

Quiet harmony


Deep Freeze

Eyes pressed on distant brush

Rivulets in creases of skin

Salted tongue tired sentry

Tumultuous hills rise and fall


Harsh air drawn into cool lungs

Matches only thing wet

Panick’d dispassionate thoughts

Circle high


Solemn dance hidden grin

Feint, dagger, feint, forfeit

Orbs whirl’d in place

Skip out to an imagin’d space


Delicate pain inescapable

I see your teeth, but forget

I’ve sharpened mine


Hate is Visible so/ Love must Be Too

A vision of us dancing in your eyes,

Fear abandoned at the train station…

An empty aged-leather suitcase, in its

grasp want to share

with You

ne joy that i can…

&nd reach for what I can’t

Sep  a  ra  tio  ns join us

foreign beauty haunts your feat-

ures, alien iced hanged

with reckless care

I anticipate the pain eagerly..

The ‘longing’

A magnificent Catedral

impenetrable, sublime, asfarsidetounding


U Radiate/ Not an Escape or Refuge/

But an unexpected clearing in the clouds

Cause 4 EmbrAce, celebration

yUO have bombs, but you hold ’em tightly

Ch?nce meeting–strange departure

climb the ladder ’til the rungs melt to sand

Arrow zips back to the archer

flip it lift it graze it EXHALE

ticker tape taper Fingertips

foreheads collide

We needed this and didn’t know

fragrant supple gentle-hunger

frame our conversation round a near-miss kiss

Let’s do know best

take no Rest

sloshing way in my chest

free as a caged biRD in the watercress

senses and schemes in arrest.

clue trail follows paired steps

let it drop make it pop

headbangin’ wid a mop–top it off

you ain’t feelin’ it–double dose

runnin’ a race while you comatose

Let It flow like the Tigris

spring to the delta

fall into place like a magnet

love at 1st fight…gimme shelter

Imma get mine git yours

fuck patience let’s hit fours

waterfall, we fell

swimming in sheets reach

up ring that bell