Love- Linking Over Velvet Enchantment

Image by dnnya17 via Flickr

Is all fair in love and war? Of course not. Kenyan refugees being forced by Somalian sadists to rape their mothers, sisters, and daughters or be gunned down is not fair. A woman finding out her husband is gay is not fair. A marine in the desert being sent a videotape of his wife screwing another man is not fair. Kamikazes, nuclear bombs, suicide bombers, militaries and police brutalizing civilians is not fair. Eleven million people, including six million Jews, one million and one hundred thousand children, foreigners, homosexuals, and political and religious dissenters being murdered like dogs in the Shoah is not fair. Three thousand New Yorkers burning alive on September eleventh, 2001 is not fair. Lybian gunships weed-whacking their own citizens this spring is not fair. A mentally challenged man being sent to prison for thirteen years because he tried to take a gun away from a deranged friend and it went off and killed the friend is not fair. An infant dying of SIDS is not fair. A young man being shot in the back of the head in the Palestinian mountains while his family watches helplessly is not fair. Life is not fair.

I sit here in my basement, wearing nice clothes, having just ate steak and shrimp for dinner, with a safe, warm bed to sleep on while others don’t have clean water, are bit by insects all night, wearing the same old rags day in and day out, and go to bed hungry, maybe even crying. That’s not fair. The next time you say something is ‘fair’ think about that. Think about the fact that we are all a part of this vast universe. Think about your blessings, count them twice. Think about your fellow man, and how you can serve him, even in the smallest fashion. And in the words of Lee Brice, “love like crazy.” No piensas para nada, solamente amar sin límite.

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