Sick and Lovesick

Headgear and boxing gloves are mandatory in Ol...
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Cliché. Darn, I didn’t want to open with a cliché. Oh well, life goes on. Did it again! Life ain’t always peaches and roses, or perhaps it is, but sometimes they smell and taste sweet and other times you get thorns and a rotten peach. We don’t give up, though. Everyone needs a little help, and we get it from different places. Friends, family, therapists, co-workers, classmates, teachers, even strangers. Life is good, despite this abominable head cold. Anj ( purported that love should be easy and fighting means that it isn’t ‘meant to be’ and people should aquiesce to their whimsical frustrations, and quit on eachother. Love is, without a doubt, a fickle affair, as William Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream so eloquently demonstrates. Anj is not entirely wrong, not entirely. I may not be the most experienced dater, but for me, some loves are worth fighting for. Wrapping your hands, skipping rope, shadow boxing, lacing up your gloves, climbing into the ring and fighting for. Swinging and ducking and moving with all you’ve got until the final bell echoes and the blood and sweat drip and the crowd cheers and the cornermen hustle and the trainers implore. You’ll know when it is worth it. You’ll have the courage, the determination, the raw will pulsing through your arteries. I hope everyone gets a chance to feel that way. And that your oppenent is game and just as driven as you are. A good nickname is always good, too. Jermaine ‘bad intentions’ Taylor, Jake ‘the raging bull’ Lamotta, Erik ‘el terrible’ Morales, Oscar ‘the golden boy’ De La Hoya, Jack ‘the galveston giant’ Johnson, Isaac ‘the iceman’ Furtney, Justin ‘the highlander’ Apple. Who knows what could happen after you both win. Eight o clock on a Thursday night dressed up, succulent food, a little wine, holding hands over the table, a warm gaze, bothing laughing over a bad joke, falling asleep with your sweetheart in your arms. Sea bien mis amigos y recuerdes; nunca renunciar.


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