Me, Myself, and Ice Cream

[who you lookin at?]
Image by RHiNO NEAL via Flickr

and a hot tub… yeah. Haven’t had time to write or watch/criticize television. The Broncos lost–again. They really get smashed by good teams. Things have been rough, rough as eating an entire package of pretzels without water rough. However, everyone has to deal with life’s good days and bad days. I never criticize someone for dealing with a bad day gracelessly. Although you have to pull it together eventually. That’s why I want to talk about superficial topics like sports, I’m just plain exhausted. The news is as dissappointing as usual now; the Occupy movement in various locations is being bullied by policemen. Regardless of how you feel about Mr. Olbermann, the footage is real.

It appears we are going to have revolution on our hands (Finally!). You have to ask yourself, as my philosophy professor suggested, “What would it take to make you revolt against your country?” You’d better be willing to do it under some conditions, or at least willing to leave. I wanted to keep this one light, but I still need to keep you all thinking.

Now back to the ice cream, because who can think when they’re hungry? The food in this country makes me nervous. Is the ice cream made from milk of cows shot up with antibiotics, sardine-packed in a 10,000 square foot facility? Probably. The FDA and USDA are run by the previous food company executives, so they don’t care. The meat of the issue, however, is how is this lack of oversight, gratuity of chemicals, and monopolization of the food sources affecting the world? Why is agriculture more productive per acre than it has ever been, yet people are still starving all over? What is being done to the feed animals and crops and is it giving us all cancer?

I’d like to plant my own garden and hunt for my own meat ideally, not to mention have a well dug. That all takes a lot of energy and money, but it would certainly feel good to be self-sufficient and carry all my food from the soil or the field to my plate. So everyone out there: keep questioning, keep complaining, but also, enjoy the little things, life is short.

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