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A new calendar. A W-2 form. A presidential election in November. An infant marriage. A freshly printed photo radar red signal violation citation. Hopefully some new medical insurance and some new sugar meter strips. This new year, 2012, is sure to bring many things, exactly what no one knows, or if they do, they’re doing a better job of keeping the secret than I could. Now on to the brightest star in my sky, my wife, who told me she had a good poop, with plenty of toys and a celeb magazine to keep her company. I’m her dog. And at times we have to pick up each other’s proverbial poop. She has to learn to let up on the leash, lest I misbehave when she takes me to the dog park. From a relationship with a pet to a marriage, the same basic elements apply; trust, love, care, and patience. Not forgetting, of course, to keep clear the blood vessels of communication joining the two hearts.

Friends, I have come to realize that my blog has been severely derailed from its original purpose, which is to discuss comedy entertainment. I plan to make at least one more blog to discuss philosophy and politics, while keeping my musings, thoughts on life and love, and comedy here. Look for the new politics/news/philosophy blog soon it may be called powerpoliticsblog or something more newspapery. Hasta la proxima, estes bien.

“[Back to George and Nancy in bed. George is looking quite pleased  with

himself. Nancy, on the other hand, looks…bewildered…pleasantly


Nancy: Wow. That was…*great*. I mean…*wow*.

George: It just came to me.

Nancy: I—I’ve never in my life have—have I—. What was that?

George: You mean in the end?

Nancy: Uh-huh.

George: A counter-clockwise swirl.” -The Fusille Jerry


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