Good One

The words fell flat on the screen. What was THAT supposed to mean? I bit my bottom lip gently. The Death of a Bachelor, I guess. But who killed him? And when did they do it? And, most importantly, why? Was it the mental health establishment that had failed him, as it does most patients in the system? Was it a change of lifestyle brought about by a change in scenery and mixing with questionable characters? Was the culprit chemical in nature? Was it synthesized, organic, bacteria-based, perhaps? Not fungi. We know that much. And then the more pressing matter–is he entirely dead, or may he yet be revived? Has the soul crept away from its shell forever? Are there yet tiny sparks in his heart muscle and brain tissue, or is it merely the ghost in the machine at this point? Rescue or recovery operation? There’s no time to lose–the only true constant is change.


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