Betrayal, Disappointment & Neglect

The worst thing you can do to someone is to take advantage of their trust and hurt them as a means toward your own selfish ends. This can be done accidentally, with noble intentions. Motive only matters so much. Consequences are important as well, and must not be excluded from your ethical calculus. These big decisions about personal relationships are always gray and complex, never simple and straightforward. It is a mistake to make such a decision without doubt in your mind. We are human. We make mistakes, by our very definition. However, the best feature of humanity is our ability to improvise, adapt, and overcome new challenges–usually by keeping an open mind and being willing to admit when wrong or mistaken. This is what I encourage you to try to do today, friends. Consider the decisions you’ve made about personal relationships lately, and do so objectively and with humility. You have the power to make amends even if you feel you may have really screwed up this time. If you’re still breathing, it’s never too late. Don’t stop believing!


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