Off the Top

Yo I’m spittin it loose this morning like Trump likes his pussy/

look at that caboose in yoga pants, look like it feel gooshie/

no self-censorship no filter on the camel cigarette/

I bend that whip, no witness to yo’ homie’s death/

He fucked around and then he found out/

Sick like king’s hunting dogs–that’s hound clout/

Imma hit you with this roundhouse/

I’m mocking your idol ’til the clown pouts/

Not nice, not mice, a drowned mouse/

So if you step to me you better have your hands out/

quick draw, Pictionary with the cards fanned out/

You ain’t even gotta ask I got it planned out/

I’m gon’ stand out like canned trout/

but smelling fresher/

scent of sensimilla, but I ain’t selling leisure/

it’s only a cheap getaway/

so the sheep gotta pay/

wool and flesh for greens and wax/

makes sense like teens can’t fax/

fire it up when its time to just re-lax/


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