Is it Appropriate to Beat a Dead Rottenhorse?

Against the spirit of this new title and endeavor, I will indulge in describing my personal feelings in regards to the Rittenhouse trial. Allow me to begin by saying I tried to avoid paying any attention to it while it was occurring, because I was sure I knew the outcome (I was right). It was yet another sort of vindication and validation of a scared child wielding a weapon alone in the streets (I say yet another because these events are common, and although the perpetrators are called police, they are emotionally children). I’m fucking furious. I’d like to burn the courthouse where the farce was held to the godamn ground.

White children are permitted to make mistakes and gently corrected when those mistakes have devastating consequences for others. I’m no death penalty supporter, but people like the Aurora theater shooter always get life sentences while their Black peers, who’ve usually committed lesser crimes, get the increasingly inhumane lethal injection.

Am I biased? Yes. Towards the side of compassion, justice and equality. The worst thing that happened to the young man after he shot and killed two people and injured a third, is that the big, bad media made him look like a bad guy for doing that for a second. Cry me a river. KR is lucky to be alive due to his terrible choices that fateful day. He’s no hero. He is a scared child who killed two people, ostensibly to defend his own worthless, shitty little life. If he were Black, this “horrible” media, which is horrible, but also racist, would’ve brought up every poor choice he ever made and every parking ticket his grandfather incurred while they were at it.

Make no mistake, KR picked the fight and gives all responsible 2A people a bad name. As you can see, I’m still not researching the so-called trial, because to me, based on what I already know, it was a fucking kangaroo court. The defense and judge were in cahoots and should all be disbarred and charged with crimes against justice.

Fuck the racist United States. No justice, no peace. Disarm the Karens, Kevins, and police.


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