Oh My, the Children, (Visions of Sugarplums Dancing in their Heads?)

Zoomers spoiled?

Like avocados on the windowsill you forgot about

Millenial toast will go bare yet again

Boomers still think they know best

About a Brave New World

Where Gen Xers misguidedly wish they were The Greatest Generation

And generation and every other excuse is used to divide the working people from their capitalist overlords

But even shadow kings’ crowns occasionally glint in the moonlight

betraying their supple necks to the cold, forgiving guillotine

The turkeys are dead and eaten and the geese have begun the chase

The game is on my name is gone

its cloak and dagger

mirror and misdirection

But I see the true enemy hiding amongst the orchards, hunting their royal deer

not a hound shall be spared

in the King’s party

Not a corpse buried

But heads placed on pikes, crown and all

to ward off lesser evils that otherwise would fall

for we have the numbers and we have the righteous cause

let’s hope it’s enough to give the bastards pause.


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