The Way Forward

We need a leader around whom people can organize. There are currently no leaders bold and popular enough to make an impact, as far as I can tell. People are still arguing about which political party of the two is better. Are you fucking kidding? The planet is about to be on fire and people are dying en masse of a preventable viral infection. The price to vaccinate the entire world: $7b. The amount Congress just spent on the military without thinking about it: $800b. This system isn’t working for most of us, so what are we waiting for to dismantle it? Perhaps the opiates offered the poor and the division sewed among us is sufficient to prevent the necessary revolution forever. Or is the prospect of revolution merely a fantasy of ours, yet another opiate to pacify us? It mustn’t be. We have so much to gain and so little to lose. We must not be governed by fear. We must realize who has the real power and act.

Maybe we don’t need a vocal leader, but rather just a student as they were in a sort of Tiananmen Square willing to stand up to a tank because they have nothing to lose. Is that macabre? Perhaps. I’d rather no lives were sacrificed in the revolution, however that’s absurd. But am I falling into the same cost-benefit, utilitarian ethics to justify the end of a better society from which capitalism derives its moral “strength?” I hope not. At least in The Revolution, those suffering consequences will be the ones who have it coming. And why shouldn’t the capitalist die by his own sword? The sword of utilitarian ethics used to justify his most egregious and despicable crimes against humanity in the name of profit?

But, wait, you say, mustn’t we agree on what will replace the current political and economic system? No. When we take the power back into the hands of the people, that will be a huge step forward in itself, and the details of restructuring segments of society will be hashed out as we cross those bridges.

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