Thoughts and prayers don’t go very far if they aren’t followed up on with action. There is a plague about, and I don’t mean coronavirus. Our culture is diseased, sick. It is ill in ideal and unhealthy in practice. What doctor is qualified to direct us on how to address the problem? Well when you find them, let me know. Until then, I’ve compiled a list of remedies that would help alleviate the primary symptoms and even, in theory, bolster the immune system to defeat the virus–the virus of inequality.

Inequality drives corruption into our institutions and suffering onto our fellow humans. But how does someone remedy inequality? Redistributing the wealth is part of it. All wealth over $100k is taxed at the rate of 100% and then promptly burnt. Am I joking? Clearly, details need to be hammered out there, but I will come back to that in a later post. But we mustn’t forget that this is a social malady, and requires social solutions, such as a little integration rather than segregation. The reason nothing has been done about the school shootings is because the politicians’ children don’t go to public schools. This is not an accident. They typically don’t fight in wars, either. This is because they are not part of the national community, which I believe is not entirely dead yet, but “on the spectrum,” as the torture chamber character in Princess Bride would surmise.

This is what we must foster and bolster–community. We need to make sure people are invested in what occurs in their immediate community. Dave Chappelle says he doesn’t care about the Opioid Epidemic, and he actively campaigns as a millionaire–with financial threats to the town (community)–if they build affordable housing. This speaks volumes about the illness of our society. As loudly as an elementary school shooting in Texas or a billionaire launching into space–or buying a major media outlet, or the Supreme Court pontificating on stealing women’s rights, or a popular conspiracy theory involving literal cannabalism and sex trafficking propagates.

The bottom line is we need to care what happens to our neighbors. We need to be invested in each others’ well-being and success in ways that we fundamentally are not right now. And this apathy and obliviousness allows for the virus to fester and spread. We’ve been lying to ourselves–that it doesn’t matter. The truth is, we affect those around us more than we know. And the charade of the political and economic systems is getting tired and everyone knows it.

Abundance is the reality. Scarcity was invented by someone wanting to sell you something. We can run our economy on significantly less labor and automate many jobs to the benefit of all if we take back control of our economy. It wouldn’t take much. Change is in the air as Amazon and Starbucks air their dirty tactics at union-busting. Gen Z, in their aloofness or youthful wisdom, seems to be on to something. I’m proud and ready to work with comrades of any generation toward the goals of destroying capitalism and political revolution.


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