I take political surveys every so often, and each time, they ask me the top two issues facing the nation from a list of a dozen issues or so. I usually answer that “the gap between the rich and poor” as they phrase it, is number one. Then that the climate crisis is number two. However, I don’t feel that adequately describes the truth. It would be more accurate to say that inequality is the top first, second, and third issue harming our nation. This is because it perpetuates the existence of a ruling class that enables the destruction of our planet–among other atrocities–in order to keep that gap (between their wealth and everyone else’s) as large as possible.

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about justice and just deserts. I started thinking about it backwards, at least according to the scientific method, when my conclusion smacked me in the face: there is no justice in this world. But that doesn’t mean there cannot be or should not be justice, and even “justice for all,” as our magnificent pledge to obey a geographical and philosophical construct built on–you guessed it–atrocities states. That atrocities part is not up for debate. Fuck Fox News. Exceptionalism is just as false as claiming that America has always been more evil than other countries. When reading the history of any nation, there are passages which should make one cringe, and others which merit pride.

The elites have many tried and true tactics, which seem to be capable of manipulating the masses into just about anything. Trump ran on two of the most powerful ones: fear and division. Biden ran on the fear of Trump and the emboldened racists. Trump even tried to point to civil disobedience and vandalism as something to be afraid of under Biden, the problem is, it was happening during his reign. And now that the Supreme Court has turned into a radical mechanism of change with its decision to overturn Roe v Wade, and Biden has sat on his hands through the whole thing, Democrats will not be able to run on the fear of what the conservatives might do to undermine hard-fought women’s rights.

Americans should be afraid. Because the elites don’t give a fuck about any of us. But we are too distracted by the false dichotomy of red vs blue and various culture war issues to recognize our true enemy. As a matter of fact, we celebrate billionaires and their meaningless or malicious endeavors. Our democracy and our economy have failed. It is time to scrap them. We need to introduce randomness into our election process and dismantle the system of appointing people to secretly powerful positions in a thousand alphabet agencies with swollen budgets. The hierarchy and false meritocracy must be destroyed. No one is any better than anyone else. Until we stop treating each other as servants or masters, we cannot create meaningful change in our politics. Politics is power dynamics in a given society. When even liberal turds like Robert Reich and Noam Chomsky tell us that inequality is a problem that has become increasingly worse in recent history, you know things are bad.

The thing people are most afraid of is also the thing that is most inevitable: change. People find comfort in routine, people succumb to Stockholm Syndrome. Kanye West mused on slavery lasting 400 years and said, “…that sounds like a choice.” He ignores several important facts in this leap of logic, but he’s not altogether wrong. It is a choice, but a choice that comes with devastating consequences if you fail. The choice is survival vs a higher existence. And human beings are naturally wired to survive, to focus on the bottom end of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs first, which is how we’ve made it this far as a species. But “nothing ventured, nothing gained” is an axiom that is particularly true for those of us who are oppressed by a system that is designed for and by the ruling elite class. Let us use wisely our power of choice and recognize that no great good can come about without a measure of faith and sacrifice.


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