Category: Daily Musings

  • Love- Linking Over Velvet Enchantment

    Is all fair in love and war? Of course not. Kenyan refugees being forced by Somalian sadists to rape their mothers, sisters, and daughters or be gunned down is not fair. A woman finding out her husband is gay is not fair. A marine in the desert being sent a videotape of his wife screwing another man is […]

  • Heaven Help Me (find a place to park)

    Have you ever opened your wallet and thought to yourself,’What the hell? I swore I had another $23 in here,’ analyzed the sitution, and realized that you were, in fact, the thief you sought? Today I spent around twelve painful minutes searching for a place to park at school, and finally thought, “F it, I don’t […]

  • Improvise Adapt & Overcome, Serenity Courage & Change

    21st of August, 2011. El 21 de agosto de 2011. Welcome y bienvenido to my blog. I want to make one thing clear; this blog is not for you, it is for me. It is a self serving endeavor, a method to increase my output of writing. I do not gaurantee that I will write anything insightful, inspiring, witty, informative, or […]