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  • Streaming


    Jump into my stream, will you? A hundred pearly black coffins. Ten thousand black and navy umbrellas. All floating with torches and paper lanterns in the lazy river of my thoughts. Tattoos and curves and perfume intoxicate me. My head starts swimming, despite the pool being shallow. I can see auras now. Through the vapor […]

  • Cold World

    Cold World

    Every snowstorm highlights economic class differences. Some shovel snow for money, some for their own house, and some pay others to shovel for them. Cars and trucks dash down the slushy streets–some covered in snow themselves, others only gathering ice by the wheel-wells having parked in the protection of a garage the night before. Few […]

  • Atheist’s Prayer

    Atheist’s Prayer

    I hope no one will try to manipulate me with threats of eternal damnation or false promises of everlasting life–who would want that anyway? I hope that people will not try to convince me that some being that watches the innocent be abused and destroyed is somehow worth worshipping. I hope wishful thinking will not […]