Untitled no. 9

Lay it on the line

Shorty cool but she know that she fine

Ain’t bout her fuck the shit out my mind

Rake back the hours until it is time

I’ma do me, polish it til it shine/

Hot sauce and chicken just tastes like heaven

Shorts and my wig to go to 7/11

Pizza in the heater cigarettes please

I gave him my number cuz he wants me on my knees/

Ghetto to ghetto station to station

victim of the XY generation

YouTube millennials dinosaurs

What does this have to do with it

Fuck you you whores/

Nerves got me twitchin

Showin my balls got em itchin

What could be–the lynchpin

Is buried in doubt, drowned by the fishes

No love lost and found blown out ‘fore you lit it/

How can we get intimate if you’re not into it

Frequencies mesh I push volume to the limit

–Isaac & Kennedie


Giblet Potpourri

Irrelevant to this post. A cannon by the capitol building in Denver

Irrelevant to this post. A cannon by the capitol building in Denver

Thanksgiving is over and that means its time to go shopping…for diet pills because you ate too much and that is the only way to lose weight–I’m pretty sure–but there’s no way I’m gonna friggin exercise, forget that! Or um, you are I mean. Seriously though, to me, the heart of that holiday has nothing to do with Indians and pilgrims or turkey and pie and definitely not with football, but everything to do with getting the family and friends together to share each other’s company and love regardless of how crazy a year it has been or who won the last election or what hours some heartless employer whimsically schedules you or one of your loved ones to work to make them money. But I feel so  bad for receiving any increase in pay for working on a holiday because I know that the company isn’t making any more money despite the fact that there are three times the clientele cramming into the place in the lead up to it…But seriously I love my job just don’t love doing my job.

Two rabbits are sitting on a log and two frogs come up and say, “You guys are sitting on our log,” and one rabbit says, “Oh, I thought this was the ducks’ log,” and a frog says, “How does that make a difference? It’s still not your log!”

I will be putting up a poll soon to get some feedback on potential emcee names, those of you who don’t know what I’m talking about: that’s okay your feedback services will not be required. I find rap to be a wonderfully potent means of expression. I hope that if I do make songs that people will hear, that I will bring heart into my lyrics and never have lines for filler, or for the sake of the rhyme, or just saying I’m some sort of bad@$$ in a way that I’m really not (let’s face it, I’m already such a bad@$$ in so many ways that I really don’t need to do that anyway. It wouldn’t be well, modest). I can tell you some of my favorite emcees who inspire me are: Brother Ali, Immortal Technique, Del Tha Funkee Homosapien http://youtu.be/o0xDGXotGIE (if you don’t know who that is click this link and listen NOW!! , Mr. Lif, Mos Def, Eminem (his old stuff), 2pac, Bizarre, Gang Starr, and Nas, among others. I am going to practice writing lyrics to a beat and work on my flow so to speak. I look forward to sharing my art with you all. Peace out and God bless.