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  • Hazy


    Smoking Colorado indica on the couch Listening to leftists complain about the establishment, yeah, maaaan. Hardware behind bureaucracy Need to get a goldfish to keep me company Sand shows up where it least belongs you see Buzz off with your bogus bullshit I’m hustling harder than mining diamonds Got crypto mines in the hills with…

  • Off the Top

    Off the Top

    Yo I’m spittin it loose this morning like Trump likes his pussy/ look at that caboose in yoga pants, look like it feel gooshie/ no self-censorship no filter on the camel cigarette/ I bend that whip, no witness to yo’ homie’s death/ He fucked around and then he found out/ Sick like king’s hunting dogs–that’s…

  • Good One

    Good One

    The words fell flat on the screen. What was THAT supposed to mean? I bit my bottom lip gently. The Death of a Bachelor, I guess. But who killed him? And when did they do it? And, most importantly, why? Was it the mental health establishment that had failed him, as it does most patients…