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  • Fuck the Universe

    Fuck the Universe

    It took from me the best thing it ever gave me with callous disregard So I shed tears at night You were the sweetest person I’d ever met You loved me so powerfully yet gently Now there’s a void, a yawning chasm And fading memories Makes me want to go back If only I could…

  • Purse-pective


    embarking on a climb or circling the drain? digging a hole for a foundation or just to re-fill it? studying to gain skills for a job that will be stolen by a computer pouring your heart into creative work that no one will pay you for chiseling yourself into shape or breaking off your humanity?…

  • Controlled Rain

    Controlled Rain

    How much blood-rain will satisfy the misguided Rage? Is mint-flavored smoke really the problem here? hoarding plague vaccines–when will the Chickens come home to roost? The rich steal from the Poor to get richer. The powerful become more so by kneeling on the Oppressed. and people are still having Children? They can’t stop. Ignorance enables…