Category: poetry

  • Without


    Emerald towers raise out of the ground/ and fairies sprites and imps abound White smoke rises out of my pipe/ angels and demons appear life-like Wild solemn dances with werewolves under the sun/ chasing prey for miles until the job’s done Prayers for the dead and the living/ hypocrisy smiles like Thanksgiving Images, sounds and […]

  • Oh My, the Children, (Visions of Sugarplums Dancing in their Heads?)

    Oh My, the Children, (Visions of Sugarplums Dancing in their Heads?)

    Zoomers spoiled? Like avocados on the windowsill you forgot about Millenial toast will go bare yet again Boomers still think they know best About a Brave New World Where Gen Xers misguidedly wish they were The Greatest Generation And generation and every other excuse is used to divide the working people from their capitalist overlords […]

  • Hazy


    Smoking Colorado indica on the couch Listening to leftists complain about the establishment, yeah, maaaan. Hardware behind bureaucracy Need to get a goldfish to keep me company Sand shows up where it least belongs you see Buzz off with your bogus bullshit I’m hustling harder than mining diamonds Got crypto mines in the hills with […]