walk a straight line

sip your drink with lime

do it all in time

jumping up the street

too hot for your feet

skip to the beat

chilling hard in the yard

let me play the bard

barbecue meat charred

a competition of wits

a soggy bowl of grits

a competition of wrists

a listless mind full of lists

last man standing

stained after a shoddy sanding




Late Lark

Cool smooth lime

Bowling with the crickets

Sprites about and moonshine

A gay affair to behold for runny eyes

Statues ponder deeper ideas

Leaves are timid dancers

We drink it all in underneath the stars in between fits of laughter

There was a jar for complaints but we broke it in one of those fits

The balls roll, the pins fall or stand defiantly

The bakeries are at work

Making macaroons for the many

Beneath tall fir surrounded by neighborly juniper

Moon filters and swims through the air, free and joyful

It doesn’t have wants it knows no needs

Childlike and carefree it carries on and proceeds

to light the game

Untitled no. 9

Lay it on the line

Shorty cool but she know that she fine

Ain’t bout her fuck the shit out my mind

Rake back the hours until it is time

I’ma do me, polish it til it shine/

Hot sauce and chicken just tastes like heaven

Shorts and my wig to go to 7/11

Pizza in the heater cigarettes please

I gave him my number cuz he wants me on my knees/

Ghetto to ghetto station to station

victim of the XY generation

YouTube millennials dinosaurs

What does this have to do with it

Fuck you you whores/

Nerves got me twitchin

Showin my balls got em itchin

What could be–the lynchpin

Is buried in doubt, drowned by the fishes

No love lost and found blown out ‘fore you lit it/

How can we get intimate if you’re not into it

Frequencies mesh I push volume to the limit

–Isaac & Kennedie

Two Thirds of a Night

The hag’s curses and laments echo through my sloshy brain. Her energy disturbs my surrounding flow, my face sours as I bid her to take leave already

ignoring her and focusing on my new friend and the spectacle of people performing under the auspice of an open mic

my point is lost in the gentle lighting and its reflections and my tongue rests in place

My desires are plain and absurd. I’m not sure I agree with them. 

we are all sea creatures on the ocean floor, our movement slow and deliberate

the acoustic strumming and shy, unrefined vocals bring me back again

It’s the right place with the wrong crowd

the girl from Philly has shiny skin and the area below her lips pierced

Technology faster all the time, but never fast enough. Is everything out of place or is it me?

hoping my eyes will meet the right pair, there are many eyes in the room

some searching like mine

some meandering

a few intent and locked

if there was a mission, it’s been drowned and then its smoke has dissipated

I see purples and whites and regal colors happily arranged in the lounge-like area

a young couple makes out on the couch the couch is made of chemicals and so am I

I sought connection and found one, but not the one I think I wanted

My friend chickens out on taking the mic and I conduct him home

Maybe the Sun will help my sea legs return, the purse took a beating… but I have a story… and hopefully some direction for next time


when I’m in your neighborhood I may ask a favor

If you are in favor of that. The angry cat jumps at you from the dark corner . Its energy is lethargic but its intent is lethal. You cannot avoid this intimate death. It was crafted for you by the Gods of War. Lost in the forest, you start to lose heart. But all is well for the leader inspires you. Dig deep and find your fight. It is strong. Practice your Kung Fu daily and frequently. It can’t hurt. Be like the cactus, but drink more water than the cactus does. Keep your blood and ligaments moving in loving circles. Dare to dance to the off-beat music that maybe only you hear. Keep the pace up and get ready to go to the limit. Don’t argue for it. Beware the witch hunt and fish the crick carefully.


Twisted pines reach

Flags wave and blades bake

McDonald’s lunch for breakfast

Cold nights, frosty windows

A slick beat in your headphones

Raw hunger

Park benches

Swings and gravestones

Down payments and cable bills

Sky streaked, Earth spins

Muddied waters shimmering lily pads

Frozen white green needles

See your breath reach the other side