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  • Someday not Sunday

    Someday not Sunday

    One must be captain of their vessel & voyage When the eggshell shines Take                                                       care not As the mare trots Disjunctive cacophony Grease (purse) per–spiration agony Slouched [/^/^]…

  • Mustachioed Menace Rants and Rhymes

    Mustachioed Menace Rants and Rhymes

    Left overs for lunch. Errands. Empty house. Spring more like Squish outside. Un-knotting the yarn ball. I’m trying not to assume things about people. Competitive sports improve my attitude dramatically. Constantly disgusted by humanity’s failings. Outspoken anarchist. Chipmunk seeks squirrel. Pseudo-science more like hallucinogen-science. Just ate but still hungry. ACCEPTANCE What do you want from…

  • Adrift


    Free lemonade, running through sprinklers, sand in your butt-crack, roll up your web and stab it to stake into the ground run from me, especially my smile buddy behind BARs, hand him a file he can work your case, in case you’re in denial slap the spider with a taste, itchin’ all the while learn…