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  • Polling


    I take political surveys every so often, and each time, they ask me the top two issues facing the nation from a list of a dozen issues or so. I usually answer that “the gap between the rich and poor” as they phrase it, is number one. Then that the climate crisis is number two. […]

  • Speechless


    Thoughts and prayers don’t go very far if they aren’t followed up on with action. There is a plague about, and I don’t mean coronavirus. Our culture is diseased, sick. It is ill in ideal and unhealthy in practice. What doctor is qualified to direct us on how to address the problem? Well when you […]

  • The Way Forward

    The Way Forward

    We need a leader around whom people can organize. There are currently no leaders bold and popular enough to make an impact, as far as I can tell. People are still arguing about which political party of the two is better. Are you fucking kidding? The planet is about to be on fire and people […]