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  • Speechless


    Thoughts and prayers don’t go very far if they aren’t followed up on with action. There is a plague about, and I don’t mean coronavirus. Our culture is diseased, sick. It is ill in ideal and unhealthy in practice. What doctor is qualified to direct us on how to address the problem? Well when you […]

  • Is it Appropriate to Beat a Dead Rottenhorse?

    Is it Appropriate to Beat a Dead Rottenhorse?

    Against the spirit of this new title and endeavor, I will indulge in describing my personal feelings in regards to the Rittenhouse trial. Allow me to begin by saying I tried to avoid paying any attention to it while it was occurring, because I was sure I knew the outcome (I was right). It was […]

  • Woman–Whoa-man!


    T A B I T H A truly lovely assertive, anti-selfish beautiful, bold, black ill, ingenious tremendous, tenacious happy argumentative, amazing Fuck the world and “Fuck off.” You don’t have the slightest idea. Me falta la habibti mucho. My little lady. Always. Rest in Peace.