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  • Why I Refuse to Believe in God

    Why I Refuse to Believe in God

    I know this is a taboo subject, but I’ll engage it anyway. I intend this to be an explanation of my thinking, not something designed to persuade anyone else to believe the same. THE PROBLEM OF EVIL My reason for choosing not to believe in God is rooted in this morsel of knowledge from intro […]

  • You’ve Heard of the Power-Lunch But. . .

    Welcome. I’m here to introduce to you, today an idea that will change your business irrevocably. I’m talking about increased productivity, increased profits, increased company morale, increased fairy dust. Okay, so that last one is a joke, but I assure you, this mind-blowing concept is not. Are you ready? Are you sure? I can’t hear […]

  • Is Anyone Else Out of Work?

    I have to take a post to just vent. I’ve been without work for a few months after being fired from a restaurant where I was washing dishes. Talk about humbling. I want to work. I’m ready to work. I just can’t find anything. Everyone says, “Try us in the spring.” Am I supposed to tell […]