Category: Questioning Reality

  • C’mon Just a Quicky

    Alright, fine. I can’t help myself when I get around that beautiful keyboard. Ooh and those sounds it makes grrrrrrrowl. “Rabbi: Elaine, often times in life there are problems, and just as often  there are solutions. Elaine: Yeah, I suppose.” -Seinfeld “The Postponement” A token of advice, don’t let the small things bother you. Sure, you […]

  • Me, Myself, and Ice Cream

    and a hot tub… yeah. Haven’t had time to write or watch/criticize television. The Broncos lost–again. They really get smashed by good teams. Things have been rough, rough as eating an entire package of pretzels without water rough. However, everyone has to deal with life’s good days and bad days. I never criticize someone for dealing with […]