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  • The Way Forward

    The Way Forward

    We need a leader around whom people can organize. There are currently no leaders bold and popular enough to make an impact, as far as I can tell. People are still arguing about which political party of the two is better. Are you fucking kidding? The planet is about to be on fire and people […]

  • Controlled Rain

    Controlled Rain

    How much blood-rain will satisfy the misguided Rage? Is mint-flavored smoke really the problem here? hoarding plague vaccines–when will the Chickens come home to roost? The rich steal from the Poor to get richer. The powerful become more so by kneeling on the Oppressed. and people are still having Children? They can’t stop. Ignorance enables […]

  • Another Half-Assed Facebook Debate

    Another Half-Assed Facebook Debate

    Bob Seay added 3 new photos. 20 hrs ยท This was the response when I said that Colorado’s gun laws could be used as a template for Federal legislation. Hardly a radical concept, and one that doesn’t even affect Coloradans because, like I said, it’s already the law where we live. This guy isn’t just […]