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  • Vaccination and How the Culture War Destroys Us All

    Vaccination and How the Culture War Destroys Us All

    I’ve had only one frank conversation with people who disagree with me about whether or not to get vaccinated for the COVID-19 virus. Is this surprising? It should be. It’s one of the most pressing issues of the day that carries potentially profound consequences. Yet, these days, it is difficult to broach such subjects–even with […]

  • Bankruptcy


    Much like sitting in the optometrist’s chair, it only becomes more and more clear. This country is bankrupt. Sure, we have mansions and private jets and brand new football stadia and interstates and national parks–but we’re bankrupt. Ethically bankrupt and corrupt. The responsibility falls on everyone, but especially those who protect the interests of and enforce […]

  • Invisible Beauty

    I’m looking for my angel. She’s invisible. Until the exact right moment in time. That precious tick… She will be the extra gust of wind in my sails She will be my companion, my confidant, my muse. We will talk about politics and current events and never get upset over it. We will explore the […]