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  • Okay, can we just–

    Okay, can we just–

    “My revolution is born out of love for my people, not hatred for others.” –Immortal Technique “Poverty of Philosphy” Revolutionary Vol. 1  https://www.viperrecords.com/store/music/  Earnest faces talking races Humanity divided STFU SJW!!! never. make me. PC? Who me? Woo-whoa. Agendas. Sensationalism. Narratives. PR? We are In this 2gether 2-get-her well again, mother O, brother why bother Hay […]

  • The Con

    There are plenty of good, genuine people in the world. Yet there are also those who wish to fool others for personal gain. For instance in the headlines today, there was apparently an interpreter for the deaf at a ceremony for Nelson Mandela (a great man, may he rest in peace) who didn’t know sign language […]