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  • Untitled no. 9

    Untitled no. 9

    Lay it on the line Shorty cool but she know that she fine Ain’t bout her fuck the shit out my mind Rake back the hours until it is time I’ma do me, polish it til it shine/ Hot sauce and chicken just tastes like heaven Shorts and my wig to go to 7/11 Pizza […]

  • Why I Refuse to Believe in God

    Why I Refuse to Believe in God

    I know this is a taboo subject, but I’ll engage it anyway. I intend this to be an explanation of my thinking, not something designed to persuade anyone else to believe the same. THE PROBLEM OF EVIL My reason for choosing not to believe in God is rooted in this morsel of knowledge from intro […]

  • Controlled Burn

    Controlled Burn

    A thicket of brush in between us and cool pools of blood sweat and tears I haven’t the heart to say… thorny brush brays in the wind   your hand is cold but love goes on pain consumes everything regrets, missed opportunities   Hearkening through the ground, small grass seedlings cautiously observing it all with […]