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  • Glancing


    Yesterday I saw you Under the rainbow you carry But your eyes are always shining I said hello but you couldn’t hear I didn’t take it personally. Where do your dreams live? How do you present yourself How has your past made you Do you sleep on your side? What silly thing do you do […]

  • Bankruptcy


    Much like sitting in the optometrist’s chair, it only becomes more and more clear. This country is bankrupt. Sure, we have mansions and private jets and brand new football stadia and interstates and national parks–but we’re bankrupt. Ethically bankrupt and corrupt. The responsibility falls on everyone, but especially those who protect the interests of and enforce […]

  • Temptations ch.1

    Temptations ch.1

    No great play or story ever began by someone deciding not to do something i.e. explore, strive, take a risk or a leap. Jon Daley decided not to eat an everything bagel. The damn poppy seeds end up everywhere. He did decide to prove to Amanda he was the right guy for her. The only problem […]