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  • 2012

    A new calendar. A W-2 form. A presidential election in November. An infant marriage. A freshly printed photo radar red signal violation citation. Hopefully some new medical insurance and some new sugar meter strips. This new year, 2012, is sure to bring many things, exactly what no one knows, or if they do, they’re doing […]

  • Back and Better than Ever

    It’s been a long time, shouldn’t left you without a dope blog that’s fresh too. Aww yeah.  If you’re wondering what I’ve been doing, I’ve been grabbing flies with chopsticks, stroking the hair on my chin thinking about how the hairs never fall back the same way, drinking tea, meditating, and, of course, practicing Jeet Kune Do. Oh, wait, was that […]

  • Sick and Lovesick

    Cliché. Darn, I didn’t want to open with a cliché. Oh well, life goes on. Did it again! Life ain’t always peaches and roses, or perhaps it is, but sometimes they smell and taste sweet and other times you get thorns and a rotten peach. We don’t give up, though. Everyone needs a little help, […]