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  • Raising the Shooter

    Raising the Shooter

    Columbine Effect of parents being charged Suing the school and district Ethics and school’s role and responsibility in preventing such attacks South Park sexual harassment episode frivolous lawsuit satire. AP charged as adult: should be unconstitutional–8th amendment Chappelle: not criminals, sick people mental health and gun control, but no change mentally ill more likely to […]

  • What a Way to Live

    I’m a cat I slink and pace around the house with none of the satisfaction that cats naturally have I suck my good feelings through a pipe I dream, but mostly nightmares my actions feel dreamlike cold water smarter, better, faster stronger and I know it I try to find true freedom, but the guard […]

  • The Time Out

    I definitely don’t have enough time to fully express what I wish to on this subject, however I will write a post anyway. People must be allowed to make mistakes. And they must be given second chances. Too many times have my loved ones rubbed my face in an old mistake as a frustrated dog […]