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  • Off the Top

    Off the Top

    Yo I’m spittin it loose this morning like Trump likes his pussy/ look at that caboose in yoga pants, look like it feel gooshie/ no self-censorship no filter on the camel cigarette/ I bend that whip, no witness to yo’ homie’s death/ He fucked around and then he found out/ Sick like king’s hunting dogs–that’s […]

  • Good One

    Good One

    The words fell flat on the screen. What was THAT supposed to mean? I bit my bottom lip gently. The Death of a Bachelor, I guess. But who killed him? And when did they do it? And, most importantly, why? Was it the mental health establishment that had failed him, as it does most patients […]

  • Fuck the Universe

    Fuck the Universe

    It took from me the best thing it ever gave me with callous disregard So I shed tears at night You were the sweetest person I’d ever met You loved me so powerfully yet gently Now there’s a void, a yawning chasm And fading memories Makes me want to go back If only I could […]