Tag: revolution

  • The Way Forward

    We need a leader around whom people can organize. There are currently no leaders bold and popular enough to make an impact, as far as I can tell. People are still arguing about which political party of the two is better. Are you fucking kidding? The planet is about to be on fire and people […]

  • Oh My, the Children, (Visions of Sugarplums Dancing in their Heads?)

    Zoomers spoiled? Like avocados on the windowsill you forgot about Millenial toast will go bare yet again Boomers still think they know best About a Brave New World Where Gen Xers misguidedly wish they were The Greatest Generation And generation and every other excuse is used to divide the working people from their capitalist overlords […]

  • Democracy

    testimony and questions skeptics and bias rallies and riots ballots and delegates lies and deception demagogues and populists elitists and insiders jail and immunity signs and shouting chants and marches police and protestors