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  • Without


    Emerald towers raise out of the ground/ and fairies sprites and imps abound White smoke rises out of my pipe/ angels and demons appear life-like Wild solemn dances with werewolves under the sun/ chasing prey for miles until the job’s done Prayers for the dead and the living/ hypocrisy smiles like Thanksgiving Images, sounds and […]

  • Bruised Elbow

    Bruised Elbow

    And larks sounded Higher in pitch Than a space elevator Dogs whined Like scoundrels Purple skies dotted with Cold stars innumerable Wandered across my eyes In wait for an opportunity To stabbeth mine back In quick revenge For sixpence Sir St. John’s Churchyard opens Wide to reveal poor Yoric’s dull skull Mirrored ambition Takes first […]

  • The Maws of Kites

    The Moon stared down on Prometheus Dragon snap droplets  Splash toes. Ripped cruelly From tender stems– Pressed between eye and lid: Lightning fire Where the buildings reach for the sky The buzzard fishes bills It hears the sun rising The knoose necked stranger jokes from the scaffold Plunges the audience’s expectations The lever sticks This […]