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  • Speechless


    Thoughts and prayers don’t go very far if they aren’t followed up on with action. There is a plague about, and I don’t mean coronavirus. Our culture is diseased, sick. It is ill in ideal and unhealthy in practice. What doctor is qualified to direct us on how to address the problem? Well when you […]

  • Technology and Its Impact on Society

    Technology and Its Impact on Society

    The first world’s shift towards interacting more and more with devices rather than people has had some awful consequences which we must now learn to curb. Young children are spending hours on their tablets instead of being occupied by a parent or peer. A device is something one has complete control over, if something disturbs […]

  • Really?/┬┐Verdaderamente?

    Spoiler: our society is flawed. I am not just talking about the society of the United States of America either, although we are just as guilty, and in some regards more so, than anyone else. “Okay,” you’re thinking, “what an ingenious observation, please do tell more,” sarcastically, and what you’re actually thinking is, “Well freakin’ […]