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  • Raising the Shooter

    Raising the Shooter

    Columbine Effect of parents being charged Suing the school and district Ethics and school’s role and responsibility in preventing such attacks South Park sexual harassment episode frivolous lawsuit satire. AP charged as adult: should be unconstitutional–8th amendment Chappelle: not criminals, sick people mental health and gun control, but no change mentally ill more likely to […]

  • Faces

    She remembered dancing in the parking lot, their hands clasped in the hospital room, frolicking and laughing on their lover’s couch. But now he looked at her with hollow eyes. It shook her. The world had broken its promise again–and it was too much. She woke up to vomit, one eye opening and thinking to […]

  • Nation Weighs Values following Connecticut Tragedy

    Amid climbing gun sales and public outrage to change ‘what it is about the American way of life’ that continues to cause mass shootings to be too common within US borders, Washington politicians tackle an issue that has been ignored for too long. The New York Times and Associated Press compiled a list of the […]