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  • Scripted


    Jon reviewed the notes Cassandra had written on the bottom of his screenplay’s pages in red lettering. “Beginning in media res exposition conflict introduced rising action boy meets girl mentor dies protagonist falters sex scene meaningless blathering about an unrelated theme more rising action twist climax character arc wrap up” He agreed with 95% of […]

  • Faces

    She remembered dancing in the parking lot, their hands clasped in the hospital room, frolicking and laughing on their lover’s couch. But now he looked at her with hollow eyes. It shook her. The world had broken its promise again–and it was too much. She woke up to vomit, one eye opening and thinking to […]

  • Boogeyman

    When the lights flicker When freedom fighters fight freedom When the gallows swell When cries echo When groans linger When tears splash When the walls tumble down When night reaches wide When air is thin When patience has stolen away When the only feeling is hunger When wind scuffs ears When remains bake and crawl […]