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  • Heaven Help Me (find a place to park)

    Have you ever opened your wallet and thought to yourself,’What the hell? I swore I had another $23 in here,’ analyzed the sitution, and realized that you were, in fact, the thief you sought? Today I spent around twelve painful minutes searching for a place to park at school, and finally thought, “F it, I don’t […]

  • Improvise Adapt & Overcome, Serenity Courage & Change

    21st of August, 2011. El 21 de agosto de 2011. Welcome y bienvenido to my blog. I want to make one thing clear; this blog is not for you, it is for me. It is a self serving endeavor, a method to increase my output of writing. I do not gaurantee that I will write anything insightful, inspiring, witty, informative, or […]