Improvise Adapt & Overcome, Serenity Courage & Change

Earthworms are a good example of soil-dwelling...
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21st of August, 2011. El 21 de agosto de 2011.

Welcome y bienvenido to my blog. I want to make one thing clear; this blog is not for you, it is for me. It is a self serving endeavor, a method to increase my output of writing. I do not gaurantee that I will write anything insightful, inspiring, witty, informative, or entertaining. I haven’t decided if the blog will take the shape of a journal, a series of thoughts and responses, the funniest things I can think of at the given time, or rants and complaints about how everything is, “So F’d up right now.” Regardless, if you do dare to read or follow anyway, you have been warned. As for the name, Improvise Adapt & Overcome, Serenity Courage & Change, it is a reference to my motto. I believe the beauty of life lies in the struggle.  In the pain and the joy, the want and the hurt, the fight and the strength, the love and the fear. For when you feel as the worm on the sidewalk, waiting to feel the wind from the inevitable magpie’s wings, know this, that you are not, you have never been, and you never will be alone.

Thank you for reading y gracias para leer.


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