C’mon Just a Quicky

eye's eye view
Image by 5imon via Flickr

Alright, fine. I can’t help myself when I get around that beautiful keyboard. Ooh and those sounds it makes grrrrrrrowl.

“Rabbi: Elaine, often times in life there are problems, and just as often  there are solutions.
Elaine: Yeah, I suppose.” -Seinfeld “The Postponement

A token of advice, don’t let the small things bother you. Sure, you could worry and pout and cry and lose it, but in the end, does that really give you any more control over the situation? No. It doesn’t. After you let go, you realize you had very little control to none to begin with. For the luxury problems that lots of us are blessed with here in America, remember that there are people with bigger ones. So take a breath and communicate. That makes the chore of compromise less arduous. Little phrases like, “It is what it is,” or, “You’ve got to do what you’ve got to do,” or, “It either will work out or it won’t,” may appear meaningless, foolish, and a waste of words, however they maintain a noble thought. The thought is an aknowledgement of reality, an acceptance of a given set of circumstances, as ugly as they sound, their intent is elegant.

Although we may argue about the presence of a God, or which particular God is true, we all can agree that there is good on our planet. Greater goods can be created by people working together. Who is to say that religion has created any more good or bad than the lack thereof? Let us be open-minded to ambiguity and grayness. One of my favorite quotes is, “There are two sides to every coin.” Now, I’m not a mathematician or a geometry major, but that statement has always given me peace.

The Occupy Wall Street movement is a beautiful thing. People are standing up, shouting, “Hey let’s all act civil and do right by each other!” If you find something wrong with that, then perhaps you should look in your ideological mirror before you speak. Because the truth is, it’s never us versus them. That’s just what some of us (not they) want us to believe so we may be controlled and utilized for profit or power. Divide and conquer. It’s us versus us. We’re all here together. It would be nice if we found a way to get along. And persecuting the rich or the banksters of corrupt politicians won’t help. Removing them from power will, but we must not alienate our confused and misguided brothers. Oh, did I leave women out? I’m sorry I’m just like society, aren’t I? It wasn’t an accident, I did it because women aren’t the o.nes taking advantage of others. They know better. Look at 2012 Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren. She fights for the working family, the common man, woman, child, dog. I don’t know about Spike, but you get the idea. Thanks for reading, and be well. ¡Poder a la gente!


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