Ode to Cannabis

Ode to Cannabis

My beautiful plant, how misunderstood you are!

Many people think you are a drug. Maybe so–in the scientific sense, however, like caffeine, you have benefits for many people when used properly. Why do people hate such a gentle, loving plant? They are ignorant and afraid–perhaps ignorance and fear are the primary source of all humanity’s woes. They labeled you with a foreign-sounding name, marijuana, as a method of propaganda to make a xenophobic and racist society fear you. But this failed. You are continuing to overcome the stigma. As backwards as the United States is, even its socially conservative government is being forced to come around and acknowledge your excellence and permit the people to enjoy one of the universe’s many natural gifts without concern of arbitrary and misguided consequences for using it in self-care or even as a legitimate stream of income.

You lessen the impact of life’s blows on my fragile soul.

You free my mind to work creatively.

You take the hamster off of its wheel and into the magnificent world so it may run freely.

You warm my bones when life sends me cruel gusts.

You help me put things into perspective.

You remind me that life is short and help me focus on what matters.

You help me fight the fears that would isolate me.

You help me laugh at absurdity rather than engage it in futile challenges.

You dissolve the curses that swirl through my thoughts.

May you never be used by the corrupt to further their selfish ends.

May you grow healthily and abundantly for all who want it to enjoy.

You are a blessing!


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