Fuck the Universe

It took from me the best thing it ever gave me

with callous disregard

So I shed tears at night

You were the sweetest person I’d ever met

You loved me so powerfully yet gently

Now there’s a void, a yawning chasm

And fading memories

Makes me want to go back

If only

I could have done more

Maybe I’d be crying joyfully instead

I’ll never know.

I only hope that you’re free of all the garbage that you had to go through

I wish everyone had always treated you like the angel you are.

…That’s what I wish I could tell you most of all. That and of course that I miss you, mama.

Now to break the fourth wall. No one really deserves to see this. I just wanted to put something down in writing. You all can’t understand. So fuck you.

That’s right, you, whoever’s reading this, fuck you.

Get over yourself, and treat others the way you’d like to be treated. Because life’s too short. Otherwise, go fuck yourself.


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