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  • Speechless


    Thoughts and prayers don’t go very far if they aren’t followed up on with action. There is a plague about, and I don’t mean coronavirus. Our culture is diseased, sick. It is ill in ideal and unhealthy in practice. What doctor is qualified to direct us on how to address the problem? Well when you […]

  • Betrayal, Disappointment & Neglect

    Betrayal, Disappointment & Neglect

    The worst thing you can do to someone is to take advantage of their trust and hurt them as a means toward your own selfish ends. This can be done accidentally, with noble intentions. Motive only matters so much. Consequences are important as well, and must not be excluded from your ethical calculus. These big […]

  • We Must Be Vigilant, Friends

    We Must Be Vigilant, Friends

    The Devil is a wily foe, not to be underestimated. Take heed, brethren, for the end of days may be nigh! For you, that is. The Devil’s chosen people will be just peachy. The Devil even possesses those you thought loved you the most at times. His influence is as dark and strong as truck […]